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Petzl Tikka 2 XP CORE

Petzl Tikka 2 XP CORE


Headlamp with one high-output LED, one red LED, five lighting modes with CORE battery and standard USB wall charger

With its Lithium Ion Polymer CORE battery, the TIKKA XP2 CORE headlamp is adapted to intensive use. This headlamp integrates two light sources as well as a Wide Angle lens with assisted open-close feature, allowing the user to choose between a long distance focused beam and flood beam proximity lighting.

It is equipped with a white high-output LED and a red LED. The red LED provides back-up lighting useful for preserving night vision, or strobe lighting for increased safety.

With the OS by Petzl software, the user can customize headlamp performance in a number of ways to adapt the lighting intensity or battery life to the type of activity.

  • Versatile and powerful:

    - three white lighting modes (maximum, economic and strobe)

    - two red lighting modes: maximum and strobe

    - type of lighting (white or red) is selected by pressing for two seconds on the push-button (the last color used remains in memory for the next use)

    - choose between wide or focused beams with the Wide Angle lens

  • CORE Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery:

    - battery life is equivalent to that of more than 900 type LR03/AAA batteries: the CORE battery recharges up to 300 times (beyond that, its capacity is approximately 30 % lower than its initial capacity)

    - OS by Petzl software personalizes the functioning of the headlamp according to the needs or the type of activity.

  • This software is used to determine the type of lighting: when regulated, the light intensity remains constant during use; unregulated, it diminishes progressively to optimize battery life. It then becomes possible to adjust, in a very intuitive way and with only a few clicks, the battery life or the lighting level (maximum or economic mode) as needed.

    - exclusive mounting system allows the battery to be replaced by three LR03/AAA batteries

    - compatible with all standard USB chargers (cell phone charger, multimedia device, cigar lighter, solar panel, portable energy source, computer, etc.)

    - excellent performance at low temperatures, thanks to Lithium Ion Polymer technology

  • Signal whistle:

    - for communication or calling for help when visibility is limited

    - SOS Morse code illustration on the whistle

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