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Petzl Tikkina 2

Petzl Tikkina 2


The TIKKINA headlamp is designed to meet everyday lighting needs. It has two lighting modes (maximum and economic) to adapt light quantity to the situation. It is also equipped with new, improved performance LEDs and a push-button switch. The compartment now has an easy-to-use system that allows the user to very easily change the batteries or to equip the headlamp with the ADAPT mounting system.

  • Versatile and energy efficient:

    - Two lighting modes (maximum and economic)

    - 190 h light duration at economic level

  • Easy to use:

    - push-button switch

    - battery pack is easy to open

    - light beam can be aimed

    - ADAPT system is quick to mount

  • Two LEDs:

    - 23 lumens (maximum level)

    - shines up to 23 meters (maximum level)

  • Reliable:

    - push-button switch limits inadvertently turning on the lamp during storage

  • Compact, light and comfortable:

    - single compartment contains LEDs and batteries

    - adjustable headband

RRP: 19.99


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