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SIS PSP22 Sachet Lemon Drink

PSP22. . . . . . . . . . fuel up - energize - improve performance

Versatile carbohydrate source with special glucose polymers and fructose.

High grade maltodextrin provides glucose polymers which keep the energy high and the osmolality low - putting less pressure on the stomach

Fructose helps maximise energy delivery as its absorbed using a different mechanism than glucose

Recent studies indicate that a combination of Glucose Polymers and Fructose maximise energy delivery to working muscles - a combination used in PSP22 for years

multiple energy sources to maximize fueling of muscle and liver

light on the stomach - can be taken at high concentrations for maximum energy

great taste range of clean flavours that work during the most demanding sessions

Before - Use before as an easy way to take on board low bulk carbohydrate for carbo-loading and boosting the carbohydrate in pre-exercise meals.

During - Use as a power packed drink during exercise to energize your performance

After - Use after exercise to re-fuel hungry muscles

†Makes 5 litres at 100g per litre. Orange Flavour.

RRP: £1.10


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