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SMC Scottish Winter Climbs

SMC Scottish Winter Climbs

Scottish winter climbing is now an activity of international importance, with visiting climbers arriving every winter from various parts of the globe. Part of the popularity is due to our unique climbing conditions, when alternating influences of moist maritime and cold polar air masses produce a frequent freeze-thaw cycle. Along with high precipitation, this can produce snow, ice and 'mixed' conditions which can be a joy to climb in. Unfortunately, it can also produce much dodgy weather which for the new visitor can be somewhat offputting, not to say downright dangerous. This guide can help the newcomer, both by helping select the routes, and explaining when, where and why to climb. We have gone to some effort in this guide to make a visit to wintry Scotland as painless as possible! And if we have succeeded, then the comprehensive guides described elsewhere can lead you on to a lifetime of exploration.

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