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Trangia 25-1 Cooker

Trangia 25-1 Cooker


Series 25 includes larger stoves suitable for groups of about 3-4 people. They are excellent family stoves with capacious pans a wider frypan and a larger kettle. With the supports in the raised position the stove can be used with large billies from the rest of the Trangia range.

  • Ultralight aluminium frying pan/lid 22cm

  • Ultralight aluminium pan 1.5 litre

  • Ultralight aluminium pan 1.75 litre

  • Detachable ultralight aluminium pan handle

  • Upper ultralight aluminium windshield

  • Lower ultralight aluminium windshield

  • Meths burner

  • Weight: 845g

RRP: 59.99


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