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Wild Country Boulder Set

Wild Country Boulder Set

It’s beginners’ bargain time…if you’re just hitting the long road to bouldering enlightenment then you need the tools of the trade which is what this set give you - in one fell swoop. So we think you’ll appreciate this perfectly formed set of gear (and not only because it's so well priced)which includes:

Boulder Bag – our new large flat bottomed chalk sac. Big for plenty of chalk, broad bottomed to stop it falling and spilling, and with a carry handle too!!

Pure Chalk 350gram Bag – our big bulging re-sealable bag - see more about Pure Chalk here

Boulder Brush - with free and exclusive harness clip - A thin, tough and neat double ended brush. Designed to scrub even the smallest of edges to provide a clean, true, smeg free pull when you really need it on that crucial ‘last go’.

Brush comes with a free and unique harness clip for carrying on routes too.

Tape – a bonus item of thin, sticky, finger protecting stuff. 10mm wide by 15 metres it's perfect for aiding warming up and stopping more injuries.

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