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Wild Country Vision Adjustable Super Kids Harness

Wild Country Vision Adjustable Super Kids Harness

When is a kid not a kid. When they're a Junior.... In a climbing world where Czech prodigy Adam Ondra age 14 has climbed 8b+; there is certainly a need for a 'proper' harness for young climbers. This sleek model is designed for those guys and gals i see at the walls who are starting to lead their first routes (and more) and are probably going to be be better than me in a very short time. The Vision Junior is designed to fill that obvious gap for climbers between age 10 and 15. This is a time when at the lower end of the spectrum a full body harness can be too small and too restricting and at the upper an adult sit harness won't go down small enough. It's for those who don't want to 'make-do' with ill fitting cast-offs and for those who want to plough their own path - and show mum and dad how it's done. Light, close fitting and with simple, quick and safe Ziplock buckle adjustment on waist and legs the Junior is a stylish start for all young climbers...and at a really great price.... There are a bunch of great new features on the all the Vision harnesses. New Ziplock waist and leg loops. New 'Wear Indicator'. 25kN Belay loop. ‘Batwing Belt’ shaping. Two gear loops. Single point drop seat. New Mesh carry bag. Colour: Blue / Silver Sizing: The Vision Junior is a one size harness with the following specifications: Waist from 16-25" or 40-63cm Legs from 14-19" or 35-48cm Weight is 14.71oz or 417gms

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