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Buff Reversible Polar Headband

Buff Reversible Polar Headband


Buff® Headband is a multisport garment made to be used for absorbing sweat from your forehead when you do any sport. Thanks to its special Coolmax® Extreme fabric, Buff® Headband evaporates perspiration quickly allowing moisture to pass through.

The Polar Headband is a 2-layer headwear made out of microfibre paterned fabric sewn to Polartec® thermal piece. It offers an extra protection to keep your ears warm and to mantain sweat out of your eyes.

High Loft Polartec® Thermal Pro®. Exclusive surface with a curly and low-pile-velour texture. Two times warmer than Polartec® Classic 100. 30 times more durable than bargain fleece. It dries quickly to minimize heat loss.

2 faces= 2 looks +2 feels. Patterned vs plain, thermofleece vs microfibrer fabric.

RRP: £19.99


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