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DMM Phantom Quickdraw 18cm

The Phantom quickdraw set is the dream set up for traditional climber and alpinists.

It is a super light quickdraw that dramatically reduces the weight of your rack - pick up a rack of 15 Phantom quickdraws and you will be amazed at how light they are - but more than this we have kept the carabiners large enough to be functional and made them super safe with 3 sigma 23kN gate closed and 9kN gate open strengths. There is no point in making a superlight carabiner if it is too small to use or if it is so weak it can only be rated at 7kN.

The Phantom moves I-beam technology to the next level by using a new 7000 series alloy that allows us to shave off the extra grams whilst maintaining strength. We also developed a new, bespoke gate system for the Phantom that allowed us to save another couple of grams.

All the standard DMM characteristics are present: customised wire gate that pulls into the nose under load, rope groove, anodised finish and the 'even tension' gate

RRP: 16.99


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