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SiS REGO Recovery Strawberry Drink Sachet

SiS REGO Recovery Strawberry Drink Sachet


First for Recovery

Mix before you train – keep cool – drink after exercise

Promotes muscle recovery

Replenish energy stores

Helps immune function

REGO has been specially formulated to improve recovery from exercise, by helping you re-fuel, re-hydrate and repair muscle.

REGO helps by providing the nutrients needed for your body to adapt to exercise and improve so you can get more from your training and progress faster and further.

Recent scientific studies also show that…

REGO helps your immune system and protects your health


Fast acting protein high in glutamine and lactose free to repair muscle, and promote carbohydrate replacement.


To maximise refuelling of muscle and liver energy stores


Including Sogium and Potassium to optimise hydration


To protect against free radical damage


Including B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc and Phosphorous – essential for energy production

REGO Recovery is a thick shake type drink in Strawberry, vanilla, banana and chocolate

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Extra benefits from taking REGO immediately after your training sessions

Various studies have shown a positive effect on protein building and carbohydrate energy stores when a carbohydrate-protein drink like REGO is taken immediately after exercise compared to taking it one or more hours later.

A recent study also gives some good evidence that REGO can not only replenish your carbohydrate energy stores and start rebuilding your muscles immediately after training but also help your immune system to recover from exercise, especially when you take it immediately after your training sessions.   Taking REGO immediately after exercise brought white blood cell function quickly back to normal levels so reduces the risk of getting an infection you’re your tired after exercise.

Good advice, therefore, is to make sure you pre-mix your REGO before your session. You can keep it in the fridge, which also chills your drink making it nice and refreshing. If you’re training away from home, it is worth having a sachet and a bottle or protein shaker in your kit bag (or even your car) to make sure you can mix yourself a drink straight away as soon as you have finished your work out.

RRP: £1.24

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