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Optimus Terra pan set

Optimus Terra pan set


Optimus Terra Optimus Terra is a rugged, hard-anodized aluminium cookset with a technical twist. The slim-fit stuff bag doubles as insulation keeping your food hot and saving fuel by reducing warm-keeping time. Meals can carry on cooking inside the stuff bag, so reducing cooking time. When packed, the stuff bag also protects the non-stick surfaces and eliminates the well-known "backpack maracas". Optimus Terra is designed to make advanced cooking in the extreme outdoors a true pleasure. Nylon/neoprene insulation bag. Hard anodised aluminium and teflon coated 1.65litre pot. Hard anodised aluminium 1.7litre pot. Hard anodised aluminium teflon coated frypan. Pot gripper.

RRP: 39.99

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