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Silva Siju Head Torch


Having light anywhere and anytime is now very easy. The new Silva Siju™ headlamp, with two bright LEDs housed in an innovative body, is designed to go anywhere without being noticed. Silva Siju™ is equipped with the Cocoon™ storage system that is integrated into the headband and “wraps up” the whole headlamp in a compact “package” when not in use. It’s available in multiple colors, making it easy to find your favourite!

Battery life: 48h
Light output: 16 lumens
Light distance: 18m
Weight: 35g
Water resistance: IPX6
Beam pattern: Medium beam
3 Light modes flexible use depending on light demands
Extremely compact easy to bring anywhere
Cocoon™ storage system non-obtrusive when not in use
Large on/off button can be operated with gloves

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