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Silva X-Trail Head Torch

Silva X-Trail Head Torch



Silva X-Trail headlamp is a technical headlamp for more serious sports like trail running, mountain biking and adventure racing. The X-Trail’s extra wide, anti-slip headband ensures that the headlamp stays comfortably in place in even the most uneven terrain, and the modular headlamp can be moved between the headband and the included helmet and bike attachments. X-Trail features Silva Intelligent Light® technology, combining a strong, focused distance light with a wide angle flood light for close visionperfect for all high-speed applications. The head unit becomes featherlight since the external four AA battery compartment is carried on your waist or in a pocket; placing this inside a jacket allows the batteries to last longer in the cold conditions that accompany cross-country skiing and other winter endurance sports. Key Features an 37240

Key features

Battery life: 30h

Max lumens: 145Lumens

Light distance: 75m

Weight: 80g

Water resistance: IPX6

Beam pattern: Intelligent Light®


Use X-trail for:



Helmet attachment

Xc skiing

Horseback riding

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