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Wild Country Superlight Rocks

Wild Country Superlight Rocks

Wild Country

A new product from Wild Country for 2005, Superlight Rocks have the same cross section as standard Rocks, but are much narrower. They are in fact similar in shape to Black Diamond Micro Stoppers, but larger. By using this slim shape, and putting them on a single cable rather than a loop of cable, Wild Country have significantly reduced the weight of these wires over standard Rocks, albeit at a reduction in strength. They will be of most interest to winter climbers, alpinists, and greater ranges mountaineers, or any sports and icefall climbers wanting to include a set of wires on their rack "just in case". Size 1: 7x7.25mm, 4KN, 10g, Violet Size 2: 8.2x8mm, 4KN, 13g, Green Size 3: 9.6x9mm, 6KN, 15g, Silver Size 4: 11.3x10mm, 6KN, 16g, Gold Size 5: 13.3x11.5mm, 6KN, 20g, Blue Size 6: 15.6x13mm, 6KN, 22g, Red

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