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Wild Country Titan Screwgate

Wild Country Titan Screwgate

Wild Country

Making this easy clipper even smoother and enhancing its all around status as the best basic biner available, the original Titan gets a Keylock nose.

And in adapting the bestselling Wild Country screwgate ever we kept it simple to make this an even more effective model. And by combining our wider open D shape with a no-hook nose we have a great all rounder at a reasonable weight – and a brilliant price. It's also important to note that the Titan's gate uses 7075 alloy which is the same as the biner body and is super strong. This means unlike many other brands the gate when closed should make the same strength if pushed inwards as pulled outwards.

This is not a requirement for the CE test but it is something that we have insisted on as there have been a number of notable failures of gates when pushed in, especially in abseiling situations using Figure 8s. Finally, like all the Wild Country biners, the thimble on the gate always stops short of the nose making sure it cannot be over-tightened.


Keylock nose, Hot Forged, Offset D shape, Lightweight. High strength thimble.3 Sigma Rated, UIAA, CE EN 12275, 7075 Alloy. All Wild Country screwgate thimbles are made from high strength 7075 alloy which resists internal pressure to prevent accidental gate opening. All Wild Country screwgate karabiners are ‘proof loaded’ to 10kN and 100% inspected by hand.

RRP: £8.99

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