2012 GB Bouldering Team Announced

Report by Nick Clement
Tuesday 18th October 2011
The GB Bouldering Team is pleased to announce that the Team members for the 2012 competition season will comprise:

• Dave Barrans
• Stewart Watson
• Ned Feehally
• Jon Partridge
• Gaz Parry
• James Garden
• Adam Watson
• Ed Hamer
• Tyler Landman
• Nathan Phillips
• Tom Newman

• Diane Merrick
• Mina Leslie-Wujastyk
• Gill Peet
• Shauna Coxsey
• Katy Whittaker
• Helen Haldenby
• Natalie Berry

2012 British Bouldering Team Announced 

 Gill Peet completing the Maximal Isometric Lock Off Strength Test

The Management Team will consist of:

• Nick Clement-Team Manager
• Tom Sugden-Assistant Manager
• Gaz Parry-Team Adviser
• Dominic White MSc-Sports Scientist
• Rebecca Dent-Sports Nutritionist
• Vikki Cassell-Sports Psychologist
• Rick Webber-Physiotherapist
• Dave Mason-Coach

2012 British Bouldering Team Announced 

 Pictured (left to right) - Ed Hamer, Diane Merrick, Tom Newman, Jon Partridge, Ned Feehally and Mina Leslie-Wujastyk.

Front (left to right) -  Helen Haldenby and Dave Barrans.

The new team met for their first team training session at the Sports and Exercise Department of Teeside University on the 8th October where they completed a series of fitness tests. The day was organised by the team's sports scientist Dominic White MSc who works at the university. Most of the tests were maximal in nature and included the following:

• Maximal Finger Strength (Dominant Hand Only)
• Finger Endurance at 80% of Maximal Capacity (Dominant Hand Only)
• Upper Body Anaerobic Capacity
• Functional Movement Screening
• One Arm Pull Up Maximal Strength (Dominant Arm)
• One Arm Pull Up Endurance at 80% of Maximal Capacity (Dominant Arm)
• Vertical Jump Performance
• Skinfold Measurements
• Maximal Isometric ‘Lock Off' Strength Test
• Abdominal Curl Endurance Test
• Aerobic Capacity Test

2012 British Bouldering Team Announced 

 Jon Partridge completing the Maximal Finger Strength Test

The team would like to express their sincere thanks to Teeside University for allowing them to use their facilities. They would also like to thank Dominic White MSc and all the staff involved for making the day a great success. Their support is greatly appreciated.

The GB Bouldering Team is supported by the BMC and their clothing sponsor Five Finger Thing.

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