7th Annual ShAFF Film Comp Winners Announced

Report by planetFear
Friday 9th March 2012

The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is delighted to announce that ‘Unbreakable:  The Western States 100' has won the 2012 ShAFF Best Film award.

Festival Director Matt Heason says:  "It's a double first for ShAFF - the first ever running film to win and the first feature length film to win.  What makes it stand out in a year where we've had a record-breaking number of films on show is the brilliant story telling and characters.  And it proves you need nothing more than a pair of trainers to have an adventure.   And just to prove what a great film it is, with a week to go, it's sold out.  But don't worry - we've put an extra showing on Sunday evening."



Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Judge, Team GB duathlete and Adventure Sports Writer Nikalas Cook says:  "My fellow judges Lucy Creamer and Tim Glasby and I were in total agreement about ‘Unbreakable'.  The 2010 Western States 100 was a perfect storm of a race
with four of the greatest, undefeated mountain runners on earth fighting to win the oldest and most prestigious 100-mile foot race in the world.  Even if
you already know the result, it'll still have you on the edge of your seat
right down to the final few miles."   

ShAFF 2012 Best Film - Unbreakable:  The Western
States 100


Best Film Commended:

Obe and Ashima




ShAFF 2012 Best Climbing Film - Obe and Ashima http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme-detail/climbing-films-2/2012/03/10/Reel_Rock_Obe__Ashima/

Climbing Films Commended

Race for the Nose


The Long Hope Route



ShaFF 2012 Best Environment & Culture Film: Spoil http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme-detail/environment-culture-films/2012/03/11/Spoil/

We couldn't get a quote from Director Trip Jennings but
his out-of-office reply says it all!!  "Thanks for your email. I'm in the
Democratic Republic of Congo shooting a television show about crocodiles with National Geographic."

Environment & Culture Films Commended

Chasing Water




ShaFF 2012 Best Short Film: Pillow Line


Short Film Commended

Whitewater Grandprix


The Man and the Mammoth



ShaFF 2012 Best Adrenaline Film: Sketchy Andy http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme-detail/2012/03/09/Reel_Rock_Sketchy_Andy/

Adrenaline Film category Commended

Being There


This is My Winter



ShaFF 2012 Best Spirit of Adventure Film: Journey On the
Wild Coast


Spirit of Adventure Film Commended



 ShaFF 2012 Best Artistic Film: Solitaire http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme-detail/2012/03/10/Solitaire/

Artistic Film Commended

Uncommon Ideals


Pillow Line


ShaFF 2012 Steve Peat Best Bike Film: Industrial Revolutions http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme-detail/2012/03/11/Industrial_Revolutions/

Steve Peat Bike Film Commended

Into Thin Air


ShAFF 2012 Best Viral Film:  Industrial Revolutions http://www.shaff.co.uk/programme-detail/2012/03/11/Industrial_Revolutions/

Viral Film Commended

Storm Freerun Volume 1




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