Cancelled Edale Skyline - latest update

Report by Nik Cook
Wednesday 27th March 2013

As you all know we were left with no choice other than to cancel the Skyline on Saturday morning; the many images, video and reports of road and fell conditions from the weekend leaves no doubt that this was the correct thing to do! 

So we are left with a lot of questions about what happens next… 


A number of people have been in touch to say their race fee should be used to cover costs with the remainder given to Edale MRT. Unfortunately a cancellation just the day before means we are already committed to many costs. Although I have negotiated to reduce as many as possible.

What I propose is working out the costs we have incurred up to now; once these are met I will issue out a partial refund which will come back through the Sportident system some time in the next few weeks. It is likely that the amount refunded would be between £5 and £7, but this is still to be confirmed. We are working with sportident to offer an option for you to donate the remainder of the entry fee to Edale MRT - IF you choose to do so. This would be an opt in donation. 

A further email will be sent out once we have this system in place. This will also contain information for those people who would like a full refund.

Just to be clear, people who cancelled their entries prior to the event have already donated their fee to Edale MRT as explained in the race information.


The FRA have made it clear that there WILL be two long races this year. Because Edale falls so early in the season there would be no difficulty in using another long race later in the season. I understand they have this race already identified.

However IF the Edale Skyline could be rearranged for later in the year it would remain in the championship series. 

I am currently looking into the feasibility of this; bearing in mind that it effectively means starting the whole RO process from scratch, it is obviously to something to be undertaken lightly! Organising one Champs race in a year is a big task, but organising two of them…

The date that impacts the least on significant national and other local events is Sunday 29th September. 


IF this was to happen I would start from again from the beginning - including entries. I realise that this will displease many people who were on the start list for Sundays race, but my rationale for this is as follows:

Many people had withdrawn from the race before entries closed due to injury, work commitments etc. based on the race being in March.
A large number of other people had offered their places for substitution due to the above
Many people heeded my advice regarding the likely conditions in the week leading up to the race and cancelled their entries therefore others were invited from the waiting list.
I can't afford to put two races on for one race fee so would need people to re-enter and pay again… 
709 people had been on the start list at some stage; but only 500 can run on the day - if i was to use the current entry data where would I 'draw the line'?
Based on the above it seems that the fairest course of action would be to start again with a blank page… 

Believe me, if you knew just how much work it is to process the entries (even using the efficiency that Sportident provides) you would understand that I have not made this decision lightly. For example I have had just over 1000 (yes, a thousand!) emails about the race since January. The majority of those were about entries. 

IF the race was to be put on in September I would do similar to last time. Majority of places on a first-come, first-served basis, with enough kept back for 'people who can demonstrate they are likely to challenge for championship points in any age category.' Entries would most likely open in early July to avoid lots of people being away due to school holidays. 

Having spoken to people within Dark Peak, I THINK there is the will to go with the September option, but this is absolutely not a final decision. I am telling you all about this possibility so you can put the potential date in your diaries as early as you can. 

Please do not email to ask further questions at his stage - all the information I currently have is above and I have nothing to add. Further information will be announce via the skyline page at and other social media sources.

Finally I'd like to thank the many people who have sent kind words my way over the last few days. I have very high expectations of myself and always try to do my best so it is great to know that this has been appreciated by people. I've not had the time to reply to any of you directly but THANKS! 


Ian Fitzpatrick, RO 2013
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