Epic Tri Video

Report by Dave MacFarlane
Wednesday 21st December 2011

The story of two athletes taking their bodies to the brink of destruction on
3 consecutive challenges by foot, pedal and paddle power for Cancer Research.

In April 2011, Ant Emmet and Bruce Duncan set out to complete an epic challenge - the Bob Graham Round in the English Lake District, John O'Groats to Land's End tandem bike ride and the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race all back to back with little sleep, a total distance of 1064 miles under their own power.

My involvement with The Epic Tri wasn't a planned affair. I was supposed to be on a kayaking holiday on the west coast of Scotland. Having just that day returned from the Haglofs Highlander Mountain Marathon near Ullapool - a 10 hour drive - to Keswick to see the guys start that night, I intended on gathering some video footage of them starting the Bob Graham Round, follow them on the 8 hour journey back up to John O'Groats and then leave them to their challenge with their support crew to go kayaking. I would use the small amount of footage gathered to create a news piece for planetFear.

However it soon became apparent that the guys hadn't really anticipated the full scale of support that they'd need. Jim Rounsley and Aitch Carter were doing a fantastic job of supporting the tandem cycle, however with just the two of them, supporting the guys was to be an impossible task. In turn I ditched the kayaking holiday, made plans to lose the boats from the roof-rack and began helping support the guys in this massive challenge to the end.

The Epic Tri Trailer 

Many things came out of Ant and Bruce's successful challenge, for them - through pain, suffering and extreme fatigue - the knowledge that they'd completed a unique challenge in the UK and raised just short of £25,000 for Cancer Research UK. For myself an unplanned and impromptu documentary that hopes to show you what they went through to get to the finish. The beginning of this film came from an idea to deliver a news report, where it finished was a 38 minute amateur documentary that premiered at the largest mountain film festival in the world at the inaugural adidas Terrex Endurance Night, Kendal Mountain Festival 2011. Ant and Bruce relied on help from friends and strangers to get them through their challenge, the same help enabled me to deliver this film of their struggle.

By buying this film you are continuing to donate to Cancer Research UK, we have pledged a minimum of 50% of each sale of the film to this charity.

The Epic Tri Video Download is available through the planetFear online Shop>>>



The tracks used in The Epic Tri are as listed:

1. Roger Subriana Mata - Point Of No Return
2. My Name Is John - When We Were Kids
3. Red Quadro - Morning Wave
4. Tryad - Lovely-Dave MacFarlane Edit for The Epic Tri
5. Kalabi - Waft
6. Telepathic Teddy Bear - Say You Will
7. Telepathic Teddy Bear - A Saturday In The Life Of An Alien In Human Form
8. Kalabi - Diaphanous
9. Pornophonique - Sad Robot
10. Jahzzar - Curtain Up


Epic Tri

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