Hazel Findlay Decks-Out off Impact Day E8/9

Report by Jack Geldard - UKC
Thursday 7th June 2012

Jack Geldard Chief Editor of UKClimbing.com has reported that Hazel Findlay has taken a deck fall on Impact Day E8/9.


'Most rock climbing news items on UKC are of climbers succeeding on a route, not failing, but when we heard that Hazel Findlay had fallen from the lower unprotected section of Impact Day (E8/9 6c), we dropped her a line to make sure she was okay. She was. Sometimes failures make more interesting stories than successes, and with Hazel luckily coming away with just cuts and bruises, this is one of those times.
"It's mainly whiplash," she explained. "I can't chew or yawn or look at people too quickly, but that's ok, I can walk!"'

Click the link to read the full story 

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