Jen Olsen Fractures Vertebrae at BMC International Winter Meet

Report by Dave MacFarlane
Friday 3rd February 2012

The BMC International Winter meet took place from the 22nd to the 29th January at Glenmore Lodge, Scotland. At the end of the week's meet I had the fortune of meeting Canadian climber Jen Olsen, who is currently on the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup circuit however I wished it had been under better circumstances.


After a week of perfectly cold and dry conditions in Scotland, the BMC's Winter International Meet was drawing to a close. The event's participants from all over the globe were in high spirits after a superb week of winter climbing.

Second ascent of 'The Gathering', VIII 9, Coire an Lochain, by Greg Boswell and Will Sim, Sat 14th Jan 2012.This film was a joint project between Justin Tracey (Reeltime Adventure) and Jenny Crook (grittymedia).

Don't Die of Ignorance (XI,11) on The Comb, Ben Nevis was repeated by Greg Boswell and James Dunn as was The Gathering, (VIII,9) in Coire an Lochain. Nick Bullock also had a superb week making the first full winter ascent of Mindless Finish (IX,10) to Pic ‘n Mix also in Coire an Lochain and the second ascent of Guerdon Grooves (IX,8) on Buachaille Etive Mor a few amongst a string of notable ascents made that week. Read Nick's account on his blog.

However news was emerging on the Saturday night of an accident in the mountains, we heard it had happened in Coire an Lochain on The Vagrant (VII, 7). Jen was climbing with Rocio Siemen, she was on the lead when her right tool had slipped and the consequence was a fall on to a ledge some distance below straight on to her back, she'd been rescued by helicopter from the crag and taken to Inverness hospital.

'My right tool slipped, i wobbled, my feet slipped/popped, i was holding on with my just my left hand, why couldn't i just hold on? then i let go, then my piece ripped and i hit the ledge with my back.'

We caught up with Jen later that night after she'd been discharged from hospital and had travelled back to Glenmore Lodge, she was looking pale and in shock but at least she was walking.

'After returning to Calgary, I [went] immediately to Foothills, after another round of x-rays and CT scans and about twelve hours we find out that I have fractured T4 and T12 [vertebrae], but they are stable and it should only be about 3 months of not doing much. so lucky.'

Jen will unfortunately be out of the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup now for 2012 but we're hoping she makes a speedy recovery. Her full account of the accident can be found on her blog. 



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bmc winter meet - 06/03/2012
Great short of Greg Boswell and Will Sim from ReelTime Adventure and Gritty Media.

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