OMM Dartmoor 2010 Podium Results

Report by Dave MacFarlane
Monday 1st November 2010

Podium results and images for the OMM Dartmoor 2010 are below, the full report with video will be available shortly.

Check back for updates.


OMM Dartmoor 2010 D Class Winners

D Class Winners

1st - Andrew Stimson (pictured) & Steve Hinshelwood

2nd -  Graham Brown  & William Davies

3rd -  Emily Timmis & Gareth Penn



OMM Dartmoor 2010 D Class Female Winners

D Class Female Winners

1st - Rebecca Glover & Beckie Woodland




OMM Dartmoor 2010 Short Score Winners

Short Score Winners

1st - William Kromhout & Richard Kromhout

2nd - Kath Broatch & Dave Broatch

3rd - Matthew Fortes & Becki Law



OMM Dartmoor 2010 C Class Winners

C Class Winners

1st - Jonathan Crickmore (pictured) & Nick Barrable

2nd - Thomas Lawson & Thomas Gill

3rd -  Matt Ryder & Rob Edge



OMM Dartmoor 2010 C Class Female Winners

C Class Female Winners

1st - Carolyn Evans & Anne Maskell



OMM Dartmoor 2010 B Class Winners

B Class Winners...

1st -  Mark Tuckett & Simon Wurr

2nd - Richard Phillips & Matthew Chapman

3rd - Matthew Gilbert & Paul Murrin



OMM Dartmoor 2010 A Class Winners

A Class Winners

1st -  Alan Cherry (pictured) & Edward Catmur

2nd - Charlie Lloyd & Anthony King

3rd - Joe Mercer & Matt Franklin



OMM Dartmoor 2010 Elite Class Winners

Elite Class Winners

1st - Andy Symonds & Joe Symonds

2nd - Steve Birkinshaw (pictured) & Jethro Lennox

3rd - Jon Morgan & Al Powell


OMM Dartmoor 2010 Medium Score Winners

Medium Score Winners

1st - Tim Patterson & Rob Patterson

2nd - David Rennie & Jamie Rennie

3rd - William Hancock & Robert Hicks



OMM Dartmoor 2010 Long Score Winners

Long Score Winners

1st - Andrew Thompson & Kim Collison

2nd - Kenny Leitch & Keith Masson

3rd - Benjamin Moon & Julian Carter


Full results from the 2010 OMM can be found on SPORTident's website here or via the OMM website here.

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