One month to go until Camberly Caper

Report by Nik Cook
Monday 17th September 2012

One month to go!

It's just a month until the return of the Adventure Challenge Series for 2012/13!

The Camberley Caper Adventure at Hawley Lake, Surrey takes place on 13th October, so it's time to get your mates together and get involved! 

Enjoy off-road running on some of Surrey’s finest trails, mountain biking under verdant forest canopies and a short splash on the stunningly beautiful Hawley Lake. 

Sign up by clicking here now.

 Camberley Caper Team Details

With only one month away, it's time we gather all the details on each threesome! Your team registration form(s) must be completed by Sunday 30th September. 

Phone and post entries will be sent a form to complete and return to us within the next week.Online entries are required to log in and fill in all your team's details. Please note that we are unable to fill in your details if you entered online.

MTB Hire

In need of a bike for Camberley? We have MTB hire available from Cyclexperience Ltd.The cost per bike is £30, with helmets and toolkits available at £2.50 each. These must be pre-booked!

Bikes will be available for collection from 08.00am onwards close to the transition area.
You can book online here or call

01590 624808 or 01590 623407. 

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