ShAFF Announces Petzl Shorts Video Comp

Report by planetFear
Thursday 9th February 2012

News Release provided by ShAFF


A short video competition - open to everybody - with £500 of Petzl kit & a GoPro camera up for grabs.

£300 worth for the winner,

£150 for second place

£50 for third place.

Produce a 3 minute (max) short film on adventure or adventure sport. It can be original, or something you have already created. It could even be something that you have posted online already. All we ask is that you post this entry / version anew and embed a caption slide as described below to associate it with the competition. If it's a few seconds over we won't throw our dummies out, but preference will be given to those keeping to the 3 minutes.
All entrants are encouraged to make HD videos as we will be screening selected entries in HD at the festival.

All films will be posted on the ShAFF website via Youtube and / or Vimeo so please post your entry to either of these platforms. Please upload them in HD.
All films must include the official HD image, detailing the competition, embedded into the start of the film. This, and an email to with a url to the Vimeo / Youtube link for the film will act as the official submission. Please ask for this image and we will send it to you.

All entrants are judged by the ShAFF judges. Closing date for entry is Mar 1st 2012. Those selected for screening at the festival will be contacted on the 1st March.
We will then prepare the show-reel for the festival.
The three winning videos will be screened during the opening lecture by Andy Turner at 21:15 on Friday 9th March 2012.
An important note about music rights. It is your responsibility to make sure that any music used in the films/s is properly licenced or licence-free. Entry into the competition assumes that you have done this. For more information please see the PRS website. If you are struggling to find royalty free music try Jamendo.
Please also make sure that you have the permission from any people appearing in the film for them to be there!
While the odd logo or bit of product placement will be tolerated we won't accept blatant advertisements.
Any videos entered must be left online after the event, with the slide embedded. Petzl and ShAFF will retain the right to refer to the videos in the future.


See the ShAFF Website for further details>>> 

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