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Report by planetFear
Friday 10th December 2010

Snowpulse airbag backpacks have been developed to increase the wearer's chances of survival should they get caught in an avalanche. Designed for amateur and professional backcountry skiers and boarders, the packs feature an integrated airbag that inflates in three seconds once the cord is pulled.

 Snowpulse Avalanche Airbag System

Drawing upon the information gained after extensive snowfield tests, the airbag increases the avalanche victim's volume whilst decresing their density, which in turn increases the chances of the victim 'floating' in an avalanche. 


Head on Top Technology                

Similar to a life vest used in water, the Snowpulse airbag is designed to keep you on your back with your head out of the snow. With the innovative shape and position of the 150 litre airbag (compliant with EC standards), the Snowpulse airbag is the best solution for keeping an avalanche victim on the surface and avoiding asphyxiation.  

Snowpulse Life Bag 30L planetFear        


Protection against Shocks and Trauma                     

10-20% (even more in forested areas) of avalanche deaths are due to trauma. Only Snowpulse airbags are designed to protect your head, neck, and chest from injury.                  


Time saving during rescue           

Thanks to its bright colour the airbag is easy to see on the surface and therefore, saves time finding an avalanche victim.                  

Snowpulse Pro Rider planetFear

Lightweight and ergonomic design          

Thanks to Snowpulse's innovative solution, the Snowpulse airbag is an extremely light and compact avalanche system. Because the airbag is stored in the shoulder straps, valuable carrying space is saved, and the weight is well distributed on your back and close to your body. Snowpulse backpacks offer considerable comfort, whatever the load.                


Burst Zipper Technology              

The airbag is enclosed using a special ‘Burst Zipper' which runs along the shoulder straps and over the top of the bag. When the airbag is inflated the ‘Burst Zipper' opens allowing the airbag to inflate. The zipper is not damaged during inflation and canbe rezipped and reused.      


 There are a number of avalanche airbag systems on the market, however at planetFear we have chosen to offer our customer's Snowpulse because we feel they offer the most in terms of build-quality, feaures, design and useability. Once the airbag has been used, other systems on the market require the dealer to replace the air cartridge, however the Snowpulse system allows the user to have the canister refilled at most ski-resorts or even a dive-centre, anywhere able to refill dry, breathable air cylinders.


Find Snowpulse and other Backcountry Ski Hardware in the planetFear Shop here>>>




At planetFear we take safety extremely seriously and consider Snowpulse as essential for backcountry skiing as a shovel, probe and beacon.


The video above shows avalanche burial and rescue from the victim's headcam.



Rocky Mountain Sherpas have produced a stunning four-part film covering the essentials of avalanche safety. Find out more here>>>


Find Snowpulse in the planetFear shop here>>>


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