The Icelandic OMM

Report by planetFear
Tuesday 13th March 2012

Imagine running in conditions that are just right. Not too hot and not too cold. Where the sun always shines...literally..24 hours of daylight. Iceland is just that place. With a fantastic culture for running (the Midnight Run in Reykjavik in 2009 attracted nearly 2,00 runners in a population of just over 300,000) this is the location for the first Icelandic OMM.

Dave Annandale has organised events all over the world. From Africa to Vietnam to the Arctic. He has now set up the Icelandic OMM. It is organised with the support of Martin at Likeys ( and and also (ABTA Y3444, ATOL 7340) and with the promotion from OMM.

This really is an event that you should not miss.

Based around the The Blue Lagoon resort in southern Iceland, geothermal seawater forms part of an ecocycle where nature and science work in harmony, the seawater originates 2000 metres/6562 ft beneath the ground where it is heated by the earth's natural forces. At this depth the temperature is 240°C/464°F and the pressure is 36 times that on the earth's surface. The geothermal seawater comes into contact with cooling magmatic intrusions and captures the earth's minerals, resulting in this unique natural source known for its healing power and actives.

 For Icelandic competitors and independent travellers, included in the cost is:

Camping Friday night and duration of event, all self sufficient, food and drink at the end of the event.

Access to all facilities at The Blue Lagoon afterwards (normally 30 Euros) showers and changing. Also includes dinner (excluding alcohol) at presentation evening, event slideshow etc, but no travel included.

If you want a complete package which includes transport from London ( other departure locations in UK, such as Manchester and Glasgow, Europe and beyond are possible but this will effect the cost)

Depart London Friday lunchtime May 18th, transport to Friday night camp site, where you will need to be self sufficient until end of event around lunchtime Sunday.

Saturday night there will be a mid-camp site which will have a toilet block (the area is designated "sensitive", but we have all permissions to hold the event). There will also be an organisers tent with electricity, mid way results facilities and a medic. There will also be medic(s) available during the event if required.

All extra bags that were handed in before start on Friday night will be available for collection at finish.

Transport to hotel after event included, includes Sunday night in hotel in shared room ( team mate )

Presentation dinner ( excluding alcohol ), dinner Sunday evening, event slideshow etc

Early morning breakfast and transport to airport in time for flights around 9am, arrive UK by lunchtime.

For more detailed information contact Dave Annandale:
Telephone: 07799 114572

Course includes volcanic landscapes, steaming pools, and ancient untouched landscapes, and finishes at the Geothermal spa the famous "Blue Lagoon", and includes entrance to facilities for competitors.

Can you afford to miss this? Register for a place.

 See the OMM website for further details and costs for the Icelandic OMM

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