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Friday 26th February 2010

planetFear has teamed up with Open Adventure to present the Endurance Series Adventure Races 2010. This series of adventure races is expected to be an assault of the senses, a real test for racers.

The planetFear Endurance Series include 5 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour adventure races. The races are traditionally comprised of mountain biking, running and a few surprises - perhaps an abseil, a canyon or even a kayak! They are open to male, female and mixed pairs. A pretty serious undertaking - but one that beginners and elite racers should be able to take on, and with the right commitment - succeed. Maps will be given out at the race and good navigation skills are essential.

Gary Westwell, Director of planetFear says - ‘As the leading adventure sports resource, planetFear are delighted to support the UK's premier adventure racing series. Our involvement with Open Adventure will enable planetFear visitors to see the best coverage of the Endurance series, with news, articles, videos and galleries. We are also stoked to be providing the official kit list for competitors, all available from our online shop'

James Thurlow, Open Adventure says - The link between Open Adventure and planetFear is an obvious choice for us - We look forward to working with planetFear who can provide information and opportunities for our racers to try out the latest kit, read reports and write blogs about the races!

If you are interested in the planetFear Endurance Series but worried about training and if you are up to it - then take a look at the Open Adventure website for more races in the UK in 2010? There is no better training than racing itself, the Open 5 races could make up a critical part of your team's training and prepare you to face your fears in the longer races.

planetFear will shortly be announcing the official kitlist -  highlighting the best gear out there for adventure racers. This should give all potential racers an idea of what they might need to get safely to the finish line. It will definitely help as you prepare for the unexpected. 

A Moment of Fame - The Open 24 hour could be your chance of fame - the Open 24 race will be televised on Channel 4. So if it is fame you're after then this could be your moment. Dream Team Television -

Race Dates and Location

Open 5+ - 5 hours of excitement with a twist - May 15th Coniston - (In association with the National Trust)

Open 12  - 12 hours of real adventure, face your fears - 26/27th June - Yorkshire Dales.

Open 24 - Not for the faint hearted, 24 hour assault of the sense - 24/25th July - North Wales

Kit list will be available shortly.

In the mean time check out the Open Adventure website for more info.

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