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Thursday 9th February 2012

So following the chaos that hit our YouTube channel a few weeks ago, we are pleased to announce that we're making steady progress in re-uploading the videos that were lost from the channel. The vast majority of material was backed up and so we've had the mighty job of getting all the videos back up on a new YouTube account.

 Unfortunately if you had linked to or embedded any of the videos from the old channel these links are now obsolete. If you want to link to any of the videos on the planetFear YouTube channel you need to get the new URL or embed code.

We're pretty upset by the whole situation but there is quite literally nothing we can do about it. Google and therefore YouTube are impossible to contact regarding this issue.


The information that accompanies the videos, such as tags and descriptions are not as they should be at present but we're getting there. Please be patient whilst we continue to upload content and get things back up to speed.

For a taster in the meantime we thought we'd stick a few examples of some of the videos you may have missed below. 




  Ridden by James Shirley, headcams are not normally allowed on-course during qualifiers or the finals but planetFear managed to wing a run on the full World Cup Downhill Course at Fort William on the day of the finals. 





  planetFear closely support Open Adventure and have been the primary supporter of Open Adventure's Endurance Series for a number of years. The series comprises three events, a 5 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour race. This footage was taken at the 12 hour race held in the North Yorkshire Moors, 2011.  





  Nik is an all-round endurance athlete, amongst publications he contributes are Cycling Plus, Ultra Fit, Trek and Mountain, The Times, FT and Dail Mail. He's also a regular contributor to planetFear and here Nik taks about the pro's and con's of barefoot running. This video is the first of four parts, plus a review of the Inov8 Baregrip 200   





  Niall Grimes conducted a series of interviews for planetFear at the 2010 Kendal Mountain Festival. Here he talks to Kenton Cool who at the time of filming had summitted Everest 8 times, the total currently stands at 9 succesful summits.  Other interviews by Niall include Andy ParkinMartin BoysenEneko and Iker PouGeorge UllrichSteve McClure and the mighty [Big] Ron Fawcett, winner of the 2010 Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature.





planetFear's editor Dave MacFarlane spoke to Tracy Moseley after her winning downhill run at the Fort William Downhill World Cup 2011, she then went on to become 2011 Female World Champion.   



 Another of Open Adventures events is the four day adidas Terrex Coast to Coast race. Team planetFear were out in force with Sally Ozanne and Ant Emmet competing in the solo categories. Disciplines included running, kayaking and road and mountain biking.

More videos are available on the newplanetFearVideos YouTube channel 

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