Ajungilak Sphere Sleeping Bag

Review by Matt Heason
Monday 21st December 2009

Ajungilak Sphere

What an amazing bag! In need of a lightweight sleeping bag for most occasions Ajungulak supplied this little baby just in time for the summer. I used it repeatedly and have not a single complaint. The outer material (lightTXTM) feels so thin that it will easily snag and rip, but so far it's held up to all conditions. It's windproof and water-repellent  (that's not to say that it's shower-proof!).

The inner material is particularly soft and , well, I was going to say warm, but that would be an exaggeration, it is ‘not-cold'. By this I mean that the horrible moment when you take your clothes off and get into your bag at bed-time, seems much less unpleasant than in all my previous bags. Somehow the material is more like a regular bed-sheet! I'm particularly pleased to hear that the internal construction of the bag with wave-shaped chambers, is such that it will reduce the movement of the goose down fill, something that my last bag suffered from terribly. Truth be told, this will only really be evident in a few years as it seems to take this long for the fill in most bags to noticeably shift. So far there is absolutely no evidence of it shifting.

 This brings me onto the actual quality of the down. Given that this is a 750g bag, it's incredibly warm for its size - exactly what I was looking for. The one downside for some might be the price tag. At £250 it's definitely on the high side of pennies per grammes. That said, how much can a crucial night's sleep be worth? For summer alpinism, adventure racing, and really, any time when you are carrying a heavy load for more than a day, this bag fits the bill perfectly.

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