Clime Jacket

Review by planetFear
Wednesday 4th June 2008

MAMMUT Clime Jacket / Clime Jacket Women’s

The Swiss have a well-earned reputation for making products that define the top end of the market: executive wrist watches and private investment banking are the most obvious categories where this is the case. Mammut currently seem to be engaging in a concerted effort to do the same with their clothing range, making high-end technical garments that perform exceptionally well.


At 365 grams, the Clime is one of the lightest softshells around, and is available in both men’s and women’s versions. 

Manufactured from two types of Gore Windstopper fabric, San Remo and Workout, the Clime provides enough warmth (when worn over a light thermal) in temperatures as low as five degrees Celsius, even with a moderate windchill factor. It is a technical garment in the truest sense - there is nothing on it that doesn’t need to be there. Mammut have paid clever attention to detail with subtle features such as the close-fitting lycra cuffs and microfleece inner collar. When used for biking, running, or climbing on cooler days, it feels like a warm outer skin with virtually no compromise in terms of free movement, as can be a problem with some heavier softshells on the market. It’s only downside is that it isn’t cheap: but then you wouldn’t expect it to be, being designed in Switzerland. If you are looking for a softshell specifically for use whilst out on the crags or on the bike, the Clime is among the best of a small range of products currently available. However, if you’re looking for a jacket designed for mountain weather conditions or winter climbing, then you’re looking at the wrong product: light weight and freedom of movement are the key assets of the Clime, not protection from extreme conditions.


For the complete range of Mammut products available from the planetFear shop, click on the link: Mammut

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