DMM Revolution Ice Screw

Review by planetFear
Sunday 1st April 2007

Of all the screws I used, The Revolution screw seemed the sharpest, and so bit extremely well, but it was let down slightly by the fact that it didn’t have a winder mechanism. This is apparently being added at the moment and will give a fantastic screw when ready.

The Revolution was equally easy to place wearing either mittens or gloves, but wasn’t particularly easy to place one handed on steep waterfall ice in Norway. Once it had bitten it was fine, but was a little tricky to start.

They are lightweight and simple to use. The Revolution comes in 4 sizes, from 100mm (116g) to 220mm (165g).


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Dmm Revolution Ice Screw 13cm
Very strong hot forged ergonom.. 
RRP £36.99
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