DMM Terminator Crampons

Review by planetFear
Monday 24th September 2007
These lightweight, hardcore crampons have been designed for seriously steep ice and mixed climbing. The versatile front point set up allows you to have dual front points, mono points, offset mono’s or a mixed mono (as well as an optional heel spike for the more adventurous), making it the ideal crampon for steep ice or mixed ground -. They were however, rather fiddly and time consuming to alter from one set-up to another.

They binding is very simple, making them very quick and easy to get on and off. Once they were set up and ready to go, they performed brilliantly on the steep waterfall ice and mixed terrain in Rukjan, Norway.

Ben Heason in Rjukan, Norway using DMM Rebel Axes and Terminator crampons

They are asymmetrically curved, making it easier to generate power through the front points when kicking placements, and the points had great penetration and holding power on both solid and mushy ice. The main downside was that the underneaths seemed to ball-up with snow surprisingly quickly.

At 1020g they’re faily light, but they are very stiff, so only really for three quarter or fully stiff boots. This offers a great sturdy platform for technically hard climbing, but wouldn’t be too comfortable if worn for long walk-ins.

Retailing at £140, they are expensive, but if you’re at all serious about your hard ice climbing, or mixed climbing, they’d be hard to beat.

See the DMM website for more information

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