Deuter Nordic I

Review by planetFear
Friday 27th April 2007

The Deuter Nordic I is part of a range of bum bag / water bottle belts. There are 3 in the range and this is the smallest, carrying only 1 bottle and having two small pockets.

When this piece of kit came up for review, I thought it could be really handy for several higher intensity activities. Mostly I had in mind running and mountain biking. For running I have never done much running where I felt it necessary to carry water. I was almost certainly wrong to think this, based on the recommendations for how much to drink during exercise. But I could never be bothered carrying a bottle in my hand and prefer not to run with a rucksack on. So this would seem the ideal solution.

Also, I thought it might be nice for shorter mountain bike rides as you get less of the sweaty back syndrome of a hydration pack. Secretly I had hoped the pocket would be big enough to take my large lead acid head torch battery for off roading at night. Unfortunately this was not the case – not the fault of the product mind.
What it is really designed for is Nordic walking. If, like me, you are not familiar with this, it could be described as power walking with poles as far as I can see! Now, I would have thought that this would be an ideal situation for a hydration bladder and hose given that the hands are tied up with poling? Nordic walkers can make up their own minds as to whether a bottle or bladder is the best option – I will concentrate on comfort and performance at what it is designed to do – carrying a water bottle.

Comfort is excellent with a perforated padded mesh belt coming a reasonable way around the sides offering a good balance of rigidity and padding to keep things well balanced and supported. When used for running the nylon waist belt (with equalising buckle) can dig in at the front a bit when bouncing up and down too much – but was never a big problem up to 10 miles or so.
The bottle is easy to access with the angled position and is also very secure with a nice snug fit. There is an elastic strap that hooks over the top of the bottle but I don’t think this was really necessary to hold it in. It should be noted that it doesn’t come with a bottle but that all standard cycling water bottles should fit. The Deuter logo is reflective as the photo taken with flash shows!

The smaller of the 2 pockets is ideally sized for a mobile phone and also has a key hook – I’m not sure this is the best place for the key hook given that your keys can scratch your mobile screen – the hook may have been better placed in the other pocket. The ‘big’ pocket is large enough for your energy snack of choice and a lightweight windproof top but not much else.

This item is designed for relatively short duration activities where little kit is required and it does this job admirably. I have now started to carry water on more of my runs – probably where I should have been taking some before!

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