GoLite Wisp Wind Shirt

Review by planetFear
Tuesday 7th November 2006

The Go Lite Wisp windshirt is a super light wind protective piece of clothing that weighs an absolute minimum 70g.

I’ve had the wisp nearly a year and it’s been used a lot over that time. It’s a minimalist piece of kit with no hood, 1/5 zip and no pockets. This is not a top for going out to wear around town. This top is designed for going light and fast.

I’ve used it mostly as a top for cycling to work. In this it excels as it cuts out a light wind and keeps the core protected when cycling. In winter I’ve worn it over another softshell to offer more protection when cycling at night. Its thin fabric makes it very breathable, so it can be used for long runs or cycles.

As a top, the Wisp does enough to keep out a light wind but it’s not 100% windproof. Its light fabric offers protection but will not keep out a harsh cold wind. It does have a DWR treatment to brush off light showers but again it’s not waterproof.

The minimal features include a small (1/5) zip, elasticated cuffs and hem and a small internal storage pocket. The small internal storage pocket is particularly smart as it allows the top to be packed down to the size of an apple. A small fabric loop allows it to be clipped to a harness or belt thus making it a great top for multipitch climbs or runs in mixed weather.

Overall, this lightweight wind-resistant top is a simple piece of clothing that is well suited to climbers, runners or cyclists looking for minimal protection from the elements. Not water- or windproof, but at 70g it’s a nice bit of kit for cycling and running in.

Price: £44.99



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