Haglofs Intense T

Review by Nik Cook
Thursday 18th March 2010


Haglofs Intense T

You'd have thought that a t-shirt was a t-shirt. But, if you're looking for a t-shirt for running, that old cotton race freebie simply won't cut it. A technical t-shirt should wick sweat rapidly away from your skin, dry quickly after a downpour, keep you cool in the heat, warm if there's a bit of a chill to the air and definitely not rub or chaff. A lot to ask? Yes, but the Haglofs Intense ticks all those boxes.

 The DrySkin fabric is one of the best technical materials I've come across and, running in the high sweat environment of the gym, it kept me amazingly cool and dry. I've no doubt that'll it'll perform equally well when spring finally arrives and sweating outside becomes an issue. Testing in the cold and wet has been much easier and, worn as a base under a waterproof, once I'd got going I was warm and comfortable on cold, wet and windy days when the mercury was hovering around zero.

 Haglofs Intense T



 The fabric isn't as insulating as a purpose designed base layers but, as it's designed as a spring/summer high activity top, its more than adequate and won't let you down if the weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

The fit is fairly close and athletic to facilitate wicking, but not so much that'd you'd embarrassed to wear it on its own or even down to the pub. The super soft fabric resulted in zero rubbing and I even got away with a wet four hour run when I made the normally painful error of forgetting to tape my nipples! Finally the pong factor that often plagues technical fabrics after a few uses mercifully seemed to remain absent.

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Haglofs Intense T
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