Haglofs Shield Pullover

Review by Nik Cook
Thursday 18th March 2010


 If you're moving fast and working hard even the most expensive breathable waterproof can soon leave you soaked through from your own sweat. A windproof can be the ideal compromise between protection against the elements, breathability and weight on those high energy mixed bag spring and summer days on the hills.

 The Haglofs Shield Pullover is an absolute cracker. Although not as lightweight and ultra minimalist as some windproofs out there, it still packs down to a fist sized ball and offers considerably better protection than most.

 Haglofs Shield Pullover



  When paired with a quality merino base layer it kept me warm and toasty on the windiest days of the "Big Freeze" of winter 2009/10. Protection from the wind was excellent and, even after a hard hilly run, my base came off bone dry. It coped admirably with the normal Kinder Scout drizzle and mist and, even when it developed into genuine rain, the Shield held out remarkably well.

 The 3/4 length neck zip allowed me to increase ventilation when I upped my effort and the easily adjusted drawstring waist further increased air-flow options. I loved the thumb loops that are a feature through the whole Haglofs range. The handy sized zipped chest pocket was ideal for my phone, keys or a few bars and gels and the soft lined neck ensured no uncomfortable rubbing.

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Haglofs Shield Pullover
The Shield is a well featured .. 
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