Review by planetFear
Thursday 21st June 2007

The Icon headtorch is one of many (around 16) Black Diamond headtorches.  I didn’t know that there could be so many different needs and design tweaks, saying that, finding a headtorch that you are happy with seems an endless battle.  And overall the Icon seems to certainly fulfil my headtorch performance requirements.

On our kitchen shelving rack we have 5 headtorches hanging up and this lovely lime (it also comes in silver) coloured one joined them all about a month ago.  So are the other ones feeling left out?  I would say so.  This torch seems to actually be very bright.  In fact one of my few criticisms would be that I found it hard to tell the difference between the economy and bright setting.  This seems simpler than the twisting zoom types which can switch themselves on in your rucksack.  The two settings were fine for picking out objects in the distance as well as around you.

Apparently its life extends for 200 hours with the economy setting.  Usefully there is a light on the battery pack which changes colour according to how much life is left.  A novel addition is the fact that you can get a recharging pack which plugs straight into the battery pack.  Clearly you would need to be near a plug socket to use that feature though, unlikely in the middle of the Lake District at night…

My instruction leaflet did happily explain that there were 7 light settings.  After much fiddling about I could only find 4.  7 seems too many anyway…  I was particularly happy about the definite click of the on/off switch.  It’s also big, meaning not too awkward to switch on with gloves.  It also survived the bottom of the rucksack test i.e. it didn’t turn on by its own accord.

For once I don’t feel like the person with the crap headtorch.


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