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Monday 3rd November 2008
I bought the BlackDiamond Icon because I love off-road running and get frustrated by the lack of daylight at this time of year. So, I wanted something that would give me a bright enough light that would help me avoid tripping over tree-roots, rocks, etc in both dusk and pitch black conditions. Once my wife had finished smirking, I took it for its (and my) first after-dark run - 6 miles near my home with a mix of road, hard packed trail and muddy, rock-strewn tracks. I started off using the 4 superbright LED's, and although this does give plenty of light, it's softness compared to the 3W hyperbright LED meant I quickly switched over. Once off-road, the light really came into its own - a beacon, which gives excellent illumination both 6-10ft in front of you and at 100+ feet. I was able to run across some very rough track at speeds I would normally do in daylight, which was a big plus. So good is the light source that I even continued to use it on some unevenly lit streets, giving me the extra confidence to run at normal pace there. I did try the superbright LED's again when cooling down after my run, and they were more than ample to light up the footpath where the streetlighting was somewhat inadequate. These lights are also great for task lighting on the lower settings. Altogether, I found this to be an excellent light source for running after dark. It is a little expensive, which is why I didn't give it 5 stars, but it is undoubtedly a good quality product, and I'd highly recommend it for running, walking or any other after-dark activity.

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Black Diamond Icon Headlamp
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