Inov8 Roclite 312 GTX

Review by planetFear
Sunday 16th December 2007

It’s the time of year when it can be really horrible outside and the thought of having wet and cold feet can be reason enough for postponing your run for ‘just one more day’.

I’ve been lucky enough to have some Inov8 Roclite 312 GTX shoes to run in recently and as the GTX in the name suggests, these GoreTex lined shoes get rid of the ‘cold and wet’ feet excuse!

The Roclite 312 GTX is a lightweight, GoreTex lined (waterproof and breathable) trail running shoe. I’ve principally been using my pair for splashing through puddles and mud whilst trail running in the Peak District. However, I did wear them new (literally out of the box) to run up Ben Nevis and on to the Anoachs and they were very comfortable and warm in some truly terrible weather.

As well as keeping your feet dry, the GoreTex lining definitely keeps your feet warmer as well.

They have a reflective tab on the heel and three reflective strips on the front, which help to keep you seen when on the road. The sole unit features Inov8 ‘Fascia Band’ technology to help make your running more efficient. You can read about it on the Inov8 website and make your own mind up.

The grip offered by the sole isn’t good enough for fell running but offers more than adequate traction for trails and footpaths. The cushioning in the heel gives a nice comfortable ride. I would describe these shoes are neutral. When combined with the GoreTex lining you have yourself a great winter trail shoe.


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