Lofoten Rock - Rockfax Guides

Review by Dave Pickford
Monday 1st September 2008

 The latest full-size guidebook from Rockfax is a striking new addition to their fast- growing selection of titles. Lofoten Rock by Chris Craggs and Thorbjorn Enevold breaks away from the traditional Rockfax arena of Mediterranean sport climbing regions, and heads for northern Norway and one of Europe's finest trad climbing areas. The Lofoten Islands are situated just north of the Arctic Circle, to the west of Stutvik and to the south-west of Narvik. The islands are composed of generally solid grey granite, with countless domes and rocky peaks rising up to 800 metres. The whole region is celebrated as a trad climber's paradise, and this excellent, lavishly-illustrated guide appears to confirm every superlative report about the extent and quality of Lofoten climbing.  

The production quality of Lofoten Rock creates a new benchmark for Rockfax and for modern climbing guides generally. There are sharp colour photographs on each of the book's 320 pages. The crag photo-topos are in crisp colour and easy to cross-reference with the text. There is even a quick-flick section index down the right margin, enabling any area in the guide to be immediately found without recourse to the main contents.

Example of the page layout

Clearly a great deal of thought, research and editorial effort has been put in to Lofoten Rock, and the finished result is an outstanding book which properly reflects the quality of the area and climbs it describes. It should be on the bookshelf of every adventure-seeking climber in search of exciting new places to explore.

You can read more about Lofoten Rock on the Rockfax website here


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