Los Nudos,Técnicas y Aplicaciones de aire libre

Review by planetFear
Monday 1st March 1999

This handy book of knots, published by Spanish magazine, Desnivel, is full of useful information. From the most basic as de guía, (bowline) to the ballestrinque, (clove hitch) to the ochre doble (figure of eight) and, of course, the most important nudo de saco (the sac knot). It does take the piss with a few knots like the nudo nomal de calzado, (the shoelace knot) and the as de guia español corredizo (a knot to tie your horse’s legs up so as to stop it running away).

Well, I thought I had all the knots sussed but of course my Spanish is not quite what it used to be. In fact, it was never anything and I got in a bit of a tangle. I did, however, manage to learn a few new knots from the pictures. I haven’t got a clue what they are called in English or what they are for in fact. I particularly liked the pretty nudos de encapillar.

I even managed to find a mistake in one of the picture sequences. Which goes to show just how easy to follow picture books are. I can thoroughly recommend this book to people who like me cannot read a word of Spanish and hate reading. If you can read Spanish, don’t bother, it’s probably exceptionally boring. But then how would I know?

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