Lundy Guidebook

Review by Dave Pickford
Sunday 20th July 2008

 Paul Harrison's long awaited new guidebook to Lundy is finally in print. It is fourteen years since the last guidebook to the island was published, and for many of the island's devotees it has been a long wait for this second edition. However, the extremely high production quality of the new guide, coupled with the fact it is almost twice the size of the previous one (433 pages instead of a mere 280) has made all the waiting worthwhile.

Lundy is no ordinary climbing area. It is one of the best places on earth to pursue sea cliff adventures. Fittingly, Paul Harrison, assisted by Simon Cardy and Neil Dickson, have created a guidebook like no other the CC have previously produced. Harrison has probably spent more time climbing on Lundy over the past two decades than anyone, and his encyclopaedic knowledge of the island's cliffs gives this book a clarity and consistency that few other comprehensive guidebooks have achieved. Cardy's superb maps and photodiagrams are an invaluable new resource for Lundy climbers. Many of the photos that illustrate them have been taken from the sea, giving an overview of the most complex areas (such as the Old Light cliffs) that will save newcomers hours of trashing through waist-high bracken in search of Landing Craft Bay! Cardy had also re-drawn the maps from the 1994 guide at a larger scale and in colour, and these will further assist Lundy first-timers in the initially baffling process of finding the major crags. Neil Dickson, the man responsible for Lundy's first and only E9, has compiled an excellent and engaging Chronology that replaces the traditional essay-based history section. The entire book is illustrated throughout with outstanding images by a variety of photographers. In short, Lundy (2008) is a showpiece of good guidebook writing and production, and defines a new standard for Climbers' Club Guides.

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