Marmot Pinnacle Sleeping Bag

Review by planetFear
Monday 26th January 2009



The Men's Pinnacle from Marmot

When it arrived on the planetFear reviews desk, we thought Marmot's Pinnacle sleeping bag looked about as tough, warm, and comfortable as anything we'd seen at the price (RRP £230). In use in southern Europe over Christmas, the Pinnacle confirmed our suspicions:  the bag was comfortably warm on slightly sub-zero nights (it's rated down to -9, which is realistically the very lowest temperature in which it would keep you vaguely warm) and was superbly comfortable, even when slightly damp - always a sign of a well-made sleeping bag. Marmot have packed the Pinnacle with a conflagration of clever technologies and features, including a 'Trapezoidal Foot Box' (which does indeed give you room to thrash your feet a bit, as they claim), a down-filled collar (which makes the bag significantly warmer), and a cunning hidden watch-pocket. The key feature of the Pinnacle, however, is its certified 800+ Fill Goose Down, which gives it the high degree of warmth for its relatively low weight (1134 grams). PlanetFear also found the mysteriously-named lining material (Omni N-140 WR) very comfortable next to the skin, which cannot be said for a number of so called 'technical' linings currently in production. All in all, the Pinnacle is undoubtedly one of the best sleeping bags currently available at the price, and is well worth considering if you're looking for a 'do it all' bag that will cope with the temperatures in most Alpine huts and Scottish bothies, but will not instantly roast you (like 4-season bags) if you take it somewhere less chilly.

The Women's Pinnacle - the same bag designed specifically for women

For more on Marmot's complete range of clothing and equipment, go to their website.

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