Marmot Tempo Jacket

Review by planetFear
Monday 18th May 2009

Marmot's Tempo Jacket

Marmot have added to their extensive range of technical softshell jackets this summer with the launch of the Tempo, a lightweight non-insulated softshell ideally suited to climbing, running or biking in the warmer months. The Tempo employs some clever fabric technology that will be of interest to climbers in particular. Marmot's use of two different fabric combinations for the sleeves and body of the jacket is a modest innovation with major benefits. The sleeves are made of a strong lycra / polyester fabric mix and are light and very stretchy (allowing for complete freedom of movement). In contrast, the body is made of a much tougher softshell fabric mix that has a very impressive level of windproofing for its weight.

Marmot have called the stuff they make their softshells from 'M-series fabrics - for high aerobic use in mild conditions'. The Tempo is made from the 'M3' (which has nothing to do with BMW's), the lightest and most breathable of the lot.

For technical use as an active shell, this jacket is one of the best products planetFear have recently tested. It is very similar to Mammut's Clime softshell, although it has proved to be warmer, more windproof, and more stretchy than its Swiss rival. At a UK retail price of £70, it is also strongly competitive in the lightweight softshell market.

The Tempo follows the commendably specialist tradition of Mountain Hardwear's superb (but sadly discontinued) Transition softshell. Like the Transition, the Tempo is engineered precisely to the requirements of serious adventure athletes, by people who clearly use the gear they design, and who pay meticulous attention to fine detail rather than cost-cutting.


Go to to find out more on the Tempo and the rest of their range.

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