Marmot XT Glove

Review by planetFear
Monday 29th December 2008


Marmot's XT Glove

A pair of Marmot's intriguing XT Gloves landed on the planetFear reviews desk just as the first snow of the winter season hit Scotland. Although they are described by Marmot as 'ideal for XC, Alpine and backcountry skiing', the XT's are in reality something of a chameleon, capable of performing well for a wide variety of cold-weather pursuits. The combination of a stretchy nylon back panel and a very sticky laminated palm and finger pad makes these gloves perfect for any activity where maintaining grip is of crucial importance: skiing, mountain biking, and ice climbing being the most obvious of these.

In use, the XT's perform with the technical adaptability and resilience you'd expect from Marmot. PlanetFear have found them as well suited to a quick training ride in the cold as to belaying your friend on his/her epic project (requiring freezing conditions, naturally). They have also performed outstandingly well as a skiing glove, for which they were originally designed. PlanetFear has not yet taken the XT's ice climbing, but it is fairly clear to us that they'll be rather for that, too - and for a fraction of the price of Black Diamond's equivalents.

Our only gripe with the XT's is the size of the seam on the fingers where the stitching runs: what you gain in durability here you lose in dexterity, and doing up your laces in the cold becomes really tricky at times. That said, the XT's are still a brilliant all round skiing glove for all but the coldest temperatures, and are a superb cold-weather ally for a wide variety of other winter activities. 



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