Merrell Siren Sport

Review by planetFear
Wednesday 28th March 2007

I’ve done a lot of walking over time and have always dreaded having to put on a pair of sturdy shoes, just knowing that they won’t be as comfortable as my fell shoes.  These Merrell approach shoes were a surprise to me.  I was worried that being used to extremes, either my light weight running shoes or hefty walking boots, that these would feel strange but I was impressed by their lightweight quality.

They fit my feet well, feeling really supportive due to the lace system that goes so close to the toe and I really appreciated this when walking over rough ground.  It was also clear when they were on my feet that they were made specifically for women as the shoe fits my foot so much better than any unisex shoe I have ever worn.  However, I did find that they were a very high cut around my ankle.  I was amazed at the lightness of the shoe compared to the amount of grip that it provided.  I wasn’t walking in extreme conditions but many of the trails I was using were steep, wet and muddy and I found that, although the shoe seemed to collect the mud quickly, it still provided good grip. 

I was most impressed by the warmth, dryness and breathablility that the shoe provided, I am not used to being able to enjoy a walk with dry feet all the way, which don't end up too hot and sweaty, so this was a new and very pleasurable experience.  I would recommend these shoes to anyone that does a lot of walking around, often on rough trails.  I would not want to ever have to move anywhere at great speed in them but they seemed ideal for enjoying walks around the Peaks and similar areas, and I find them ideal for wearing to and from the running events I go to.


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