POD Airstream Drysac

Review by Matt Heason
Monday 13th July 2009

POD Airstream Drysac 

The Airstream Drysac from POD

POD are now world renowned for their good quality bags. Granted, they normally make rucksacks, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to transfer some of their skills to related kit such as drybags (they have, after all, been making chalkbags for years!). These bags are a fine addition to their range. Essentially glorified stuffsacks, they weigh very little more than their primitive Pertex cousins, but are far more hard wearing and waterproof. On first acquaintance with them you might be forgiven for thinking that they aren’t actually waterproof – after all, when you close the roll-top and compress the air filled bag, the air is expelled. However, hold the air filled sack under water for five minutes and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you take it out to see that the inside is bone dry! How do they do that? POD say it’s with the use of eVent® fabric in the base which allows air out, but won’t let water in! Clever stuff. They’re a little more pricy than their Pertex equivalents, but what’s it worth to keep your kit dry? Brilliant. 

Here’s what POD have to say:

Durable, waterproof stuffsac that lets air out and keeps contents dry.
• eVent® fabric base allows air to expel so drysac can be compressed
• Fully taped sealed seams
• Roll top closure with side release buckles
• Nylon main body with light grey PU inner reduces darkness and aids viewing of contents
• D-ring hang loop
• Base strap
• Weight 65g (Size medium)

XL - 20 litres - 240 x 450mm - £13
L - 15 litres - 220 x 400mm - £12
M - 10 litres - 190 x 350mm - £11
S - 7 litres - 170 x 300mm - £10


The PlanetFear Star Rating Explained:

* A poor product with design and functionality problems. Not recommended. 

** An average product. Recommended only for its low cost or as a back-up item.

*** A good product. Certainly worth considering, although better products may be available at the same price

**** An excellent product and among the best available in its category. Highly recommended.

***** An outstanding product defining the cutting edge of outdoor technology and design. You won't find a better one! 

Click here to browse the POD products currently available from planetFear.



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