Paclite Smock

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Thursday 14th September 2006

This lightweight waterproof, made from Gore-Tex Paclite Helium fabric, is made from the lightest waterproof material, by a company with one of the most comprehensive ranges of outdoor clothing in today’s market. Despite its extremely low weight, it’s still effective!

The seemingly simple design has a no frills approach, enabling the weight to be kept down to just 275g. It is designed to be comfortable and spacious without being baggy. The waist has a chorded toggle, to keep it fitting snugly, and the back extends slightly further down than the front.

There is secure, zipped pocket over the left breast, but no others. So if you want a jacket with pockets for your hands then look elsewhere. It is small enough to be stuffed into a medium sized pocket.

I wasn’t entirely convinced by the hood. I know it’s a waterproof, but I can imagine some situations when it would be used solely as a windproof. The hood does roll up, but I prefer the type where you stuff the hood down inside the jacket. But that’s just personal preference. Perhaps more importantly, the hood does have three chords for adjusting the volume, and a wired visor to keep the material out of your eyes effectively.

Testing this item of clothing might have been a bit tougher, had august been similar to July in the UK. But luckily for me it rained plenty, so I was able to properly test the jacket in some heavy downpours. It even kept me dry when I played an entire 18 hole round of pitch and putt. Being as I’m useless at golf, those 18 holes took quite some time! Shame I didn’t have any waterproof trousers on…
With a manufacturer’s recommended retail price of £119.99, Planet Fear are offering this smock for the bargain price of just £98.99. Whilst this is not a cheap bit of kit, for those who are seriously into the outdoors, and to whom reducing weight to the bare minimum is of utmost importance, this is a great choice.


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