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Review by Dave Pickford
Monday 30th June 2008

Jetboil Cooking System



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In summer 2006, Jetboil launched an integrated cooking system that was strikingly different to anything else on the market. It received instant popular acclaim, scooping up a host of awards including the 2006 Outdoor Industry Award for cooking equipment. But why is it different to conventional stoves, and what is it most useful for? Two crucial features separate the Jetboil from other cooking systems: the innovative FluxRing™ heat exchanger incorporated into the base of the pan cylinder, which means that water can be boiled at twice the rate of an ordinary stove, and the ultra compact all-in-one unit that enables the burner, container, and gas canister to be packed away within the same small container, measuring just 18cm by 10cm.



It is worth pointing out that the Jetboil PCS is not a stove designed for general camping use. It is specifically intended for mountaineering, ski touring, adventure racing, and other wilderness sports where the critical features of a cooking system are light weight and the speed / efficiency with which liquid can be heated and dehydrated food prepared. However, Jetboil also make a clever clip-on pot support and stabiliser, which enables a normal pan to be used with the burner unit, thus converting the PCS into a conventional small stove. For expedition use, this means the Jetboil can provide a valuable emergency back-up stove for base camp as well as being used on the mountain. Following the continuing success story of the PCS, Jetboil have recently launched a high-tech full sized stove called the Helios. This uses the same FluxRing™ heat exchanger technology on a full-sized pan, meaning ultra-efficient cooking of fresh food is possible. And those clever people at Jetboil have given the Helios a quirky James Bond detail: the lid turns into a frisbee.




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Jetboil FLASH Personal Cooking System
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£104.99 (1 sizes 3 colours)
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