PlanetFear Product Preview: Marmot 2009

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Monday 16th February 2009

Marmot Reveal All-New Spring 09 Range 

This spring, on the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Precip Jacket, Marmot has once again innovated in the rainwear category with the launch of the new Membrain® Strata laminate.

For ten years, Precip’s original silk protein based coatings have provided high performance. Now, Marmot presents 15 new styles in MemBrain® Strata: a lamination that provides higher breathability, higher waterproofness, lighter weight, a drier touch and greater comfort as standard.

Garments made from MemBrain® Strata are among the lightest most breathable in their category. The exclusive .5-Layer print on the inside protects the laminate and is much lighter than a 3-layer or lined construction.

The new technology is included in highly featured mountain jackets and a new ultralight product range: full waterproof breathable performance from some styles in the line that weigh significantly less than 200 grams and can be packed to nearly nothing.

Further Product news:

Marmot also launch an almost completely new softshell M3 range of jackets and pants in super air permeable fabrics that also give reliable weather and wind protection.

Performance and Eco Casual Sportswear include 60 new styles with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. The performance line in addition to focusing on light weight, compactness and breathability, also offers materials with a cotton-like-hand, that dry fast and provide a high level of UV protection. This includes the use of many Up-cycled fabrics. In equipment, lots has happened: The entire backpack line has been updated or renewed. New features and details
provide even more comfort, fit and versatility.

Click here to navigate to Marmot's website for more on their new range.  
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